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Would you like to stay in contact with Dr John following a presentation of his? This process (The stay-in-touch process) is otherwise known as the KIT (Keep In Touch) program.
Dr John developed this program some time ago as a result of feedback from people who attended his presentation, and were working out how to remain in contact with Dr John and keep the motivation going over the longer term so that the health benefits, energy levels and ‘feeling good’ were to become part of their lives not just short term, but long term.
Regular communication is the name of the game and this is achieved via Dr John’s Website...and exclusive access to the Inner Circle and THE BIG 6.
Every month, Dr John sends out to all his Members information which he calls The BIG 6 - “A world of information to help improve your life”.
For $3 a month, each Member receives:
·         Video Downloads – “One minute on your Health” with Dr John
·         Audio clips
·         Energy Boost Recipes – really good recipies to ‘Cook Yourself Slim’
·         RGIs  (Really Good Ideas)  which come in rolling newsletter form  -  sending this home gets the partner involved as well!
·         National Health News (news about National health concerns)
·         And “I Challenge You” (could be a new activity, cutting back food or adding something to your week etc).
If you would like your company and all your staff to Keep In Touch with the Good Doctor, contact us on info@drjohntickell.com for more information.