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Cafeteria Food 3 out of 10?
If the cafeteria food is not so good and there isn’t a place around the corner for a healthy salad or sandwich then I recommend that most days you do some hard yards and take your own lunch to work.  Sure, a little unusual these days, but a better solution than piling extra kilos on to your magnificent machine.
Coffee Calories
Coffee ans tea have ONE calorie per cup. A dribble of milk has 14 calories.
Lattes and cappuccinos have hundreds of calories.
You don’t need 2 or 3 sugars in your coffee. Instead, if you cannot go without, sprinkle half a teaspoon on the top (in the froth).

Water has ZERO calories (need some flavor, pop a slice of fresh lemon in there).
The Rule of 15
By the time you get to work you’ve probably already kick started the day with at least 5 or 6 different types of plant food varieties for breakfast - haven’t you?  If not then FP100 is the way to go.
FP100 is Fruit Platter 100%  i.e. fruit platter 100% of the time.  Keep a fruit platter in your fridge at work (and home for that matter) with slices / pieces of as many different types of fruits as you can lay your hands on (Sue, my wife, averages 6 to 10 at all times on the FP100).  A few unsalted nuts such as almonds also go well on the platter.
You can then move towards plant based snacks and lunch at work.
Fail Safe Snacks (FSS)
Look around your office.  Do you have lollies / candy to nibble on all day?  Your body ends up hating you if you continue down this path, so how about joining the smarties with the Jar Routine - click here to find out more. 
Meeting Food.
If you are in charge of ordering food for meetings - forget the salami pizza and think about the FP100 and other Super Snacks.
Low H.I. (Human Interference)
Before you eat at work, in the cafeteria or around the corner at the deli, look at the food and ask yourself the question - what have humans done to this food since it was 'natural?'  Have human beings messed it up big time or was it in fact was it ever natural? If the food is a long way from natural chances are it has a high H.I factor and that means it’s not good for your magnificent machine.    
Rule: High H.I - eat none or little, Low H.I - eat more