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Irritable with the boss today?  A work colleague who is tough to manage or just finding it really difficult to keep up with the work load, which keeps piling up?
I have spoken with thousands of highly successful people who are able to cope with managing the pressures in their loves so that the stress responses are more positive than negative.  Remember pressure is on the outside stress is on the inside.  At work there are some techniques to keep your emotions in check and allow yourself to think more clearly under pressure.
The Walk Around the Block
If you are feeling really pressed at work sometimes the best thing to do is to go for a quick walk outside and ‘around the block.’  Along the way take a few deep breaths and think of something you really enjoy doing.
On The Hour Deep Breathing
I trust that you are breathing the whole time - otherwise we have a bigger problem.  When we are stressed, we breath with the top half of our chest and when relaxed, we breath with the bottom half - it’s true.  Every hour, after your physical ‘tricks’ sit back in your chair and take two or three deep breaths - breath in deeply from the bottom of your lungs - take one breath (deep from your diaphragm - pretend you are an opera singer before your first note)  and breath out slowly.  Repeat 2 or 3 times - slowly.
Positive Visualisation
Attitude is the most important word in the English language.  The most successful people have little or no self doubt (this doesn’t mean they don’t listen and learn from others because they do) and they don’t let themselves be consumed by negative thoughts.  Try and visualise your meeting with a client or a work colleague in a positive way and think about the ways you can turn around the dynamic from negative to positive.
Control the Controllables
There are a lot of things we cannot control, like the weather or your colleague’s mood.  Write down a list of everything which is causing you to worry and then put them into a list of  those you can control and those you can’t.  If you can’t control them let them go or at least pop them in little boxes on the side of your brain.  If you can, develop an action plan.  'Action speaks louder than words.'
The Four Aces
Work is only one of the four aces in your pack of life cards.  It’s important.  A good day’s work brings respect and a sense of accomplishment.  But the people who are the most successful don’t treat work as 'all work' they consider it more fun than work.  Remember there are four aces in the pack.  Happiness seems to come from having all four as part of your life.