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Activity at work is a tough call, especially since the advent of these amazing machines called computers. We are working in front of screens most of the day (and night) and children from the age of three are following along sitting on their backsides! 
We know that spending long hours in front of a computer can cause physical nuisances such as eye strain, neck pain, back pain, weight gain etc. etc. To overcome or prevent these happening, we need to do a few things to increase your Activity at Work.
It is extremely important to have good circulation, it is the body’s main transport system, carrying oxygen, food, hormones and many more vital nutrients around the body.
Here are some suggestions from left field to improve your circulation, keep your 600 muscles toned and your heart betting stronger.
Meeting a Few Floors Up or Down?
Take the stairs. I do at least 200 stairs a day - it’s just a habit! 10x20 or 20x10 here and there adds up - you’ll be amazed how just taking the stairs can help you feel better, more invigorated and more alive at work.
The Stretch and Roll
Every hour remove yourself from your chair, roll your shoulders backwards up to your ears and down 5 times. Surprised how much lower they are now?  You are easing the tension in your neck and shoulders. Don’t forget 99% of the things we do are in front of our bodies, so we need to even up - no wonder our spines get bent!  Then while you are standing up do a few gentle rotating twists each way - don’t force it.
Do 2 laps of the office floor each hour (or, even better, walk the long way around to the kitchen and fill up your glass of water). This will get your circulation going and give you a break from that repetitive work your doing.
Leg Lifts
Lift each leg off your chair and straighten your knee, then twirl each foot a few times. No one will even notice!
The Toe Touch
Sit on the floor and stretch the hamstrings by gently leaning forwards, attempting to touch your toes. Easy does it. "But I’ll look stupid!"  Who cares?  - I don’t.
The Push Up
While you are down there, over you go and try a couple of push-ups - men off the feet, women off the knees. People staring?  Tell them to join you. 
Click here for technique tips.
As an alternate exercise you do some dips from the end of your chair, easy!
The Half Crunch
Toning muscles is a great way to fight the ageing process. The simple half crunch, if done correctly is a great way to build your core strength. Core strength means less back pain, better posture and beach worthy abs. Click here for technique tips.
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