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Your Health - Women's Health - Top 10 Excuses

Believe me I have heard them all.  But this was the list of top 10 excuses most cited by women.
1.         "Everyone is getting bigger, so it’s OK."  (JT response: You’re kidding yourself!)
2.         "I’ve just had a baby.  It takes time." (JT response: Hmmm - how much time?)
3.         "I don’t have time to exercise." (JT response: You can’t find 6 half hours a week to go for a walk?)
4.         "My husband loves me this way." (JT response: Let’s ask him)
5.         "I am not that big, it’s easy for me to lose the extra kilos anytime I want." (JT response: So  how about now, this week?)
6.         "I am getting on a bit - it’s natural to put on weight with age." (JT response: Wrong)
7.         "I have to do everything myself and there just isn’t time to cook at home every night." (JT response: How about 4 nights a week then? It takes 30 minutes to do fish + 5 veg)
8.         "I am too tired to exercise." (JT response: Not exercising makes you tired)
9.         "Its too hard with the kids - trying to get them to eat healthy food" (JT response: If you eat healthier food and there’s little else, they eat it).
10.      "Why would I still want to fit into my wedding dress?" (JT response: to look gorgeous and great like you used to)