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She was 94 kilograms when she first met Dr John Tickell on Overhaul Series II. Selena is now 64 kilograms and has kept off the weight!

What have I done?

All of them.

Atkins, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, Soup diets, Lite and Easy (it's not the real world when food is delivered to your door), high protein, shakes, CSIRO. I have even taken pills like Reductil, Xenical and laxatives (magic pills are not magic).

All of them, but I couldn't hack it. There was always the slimmer me inside the big me - wanting to get out. It was time to stop living the lie that was my life. As the Doc says, "put the F back in your life."

When I started listening to Dr Tickell and reading his books and newsletters - it was like the curtain going up on a whole new show.

The switch in my brain went to ON.

Dr John lays it out so sensibly. Things I'd never heard before like the Rule of 15 and H.I. Those two gems have changed my life.



Weight: 94kg, Waist Measurement: 110cm, Cholesterol: 5, Blood Pressure: 110/80


Weight: 72kg,Waist Measurement: 79cm Cholesterol: 4, Blood Pressure: 110/70

A year ago Joanne had tried every possible weight loss program. Everyone she tried didn't work and she ended up putting on more weight.

Finally, as a last ditch attempt Joanne went on the Great Weight Debate - which put all major diet books up against each other to find out 'the best diet.' Joanne won the Great Weight debate through Dr John Tickell's The Great Australian Diet.

What was the biggest help in getting the weight off - and most importantly keeping it off?

"It was the A.C.E approach - because it was so balanced and easy to follow. I also found the Human Interference principle very helpful because before H.I. I had no idea about how much rubbish I really was eating."

So how does Joanne feel now?

"Amazing. I used to be miserable all the time - now I am happy, happy, happy!"

The best thing is: Now, another 5 years on from this interview and Joanne has still kept it off, and lost even more! Watch her interview with Dr John Tickell by visiting:


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