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All women should talk to their doctor about their regular check-ups including pap smears, blood pressure and cholesterol. The two I am going to focus on at the moment are breast checks and waist measurements.

Keeping Abreast of Things

Please all stand up. Now, if you know someone who has or has had breast cancer, sit down. Anyone still standing? At this point in time I can easily tell which part of the world you're in. You see, if you presently live in a country like the USA, Australia, New Zealand or the United Kingdom, there would not be anyone standing because all of us know someone who has been touched by breast cancer. In countries that live the Western lifestyle, about one in 10 women will get breast cancer, although the good news is that the survival rate is now excellent if the diagnosis is made relatively early - I said relatively early. Nevertheless in the USA - the breast cancer capital of the world - approximately 50,000 lives were lost last year to this disease.

You should plan on having a check up every two years from your 20s till forever, drop by the Doctor's office for a 'hello, how am I going visit.' Early catch, early cure is my motto. If you are doing a little self exam and you're a touch concerned about a small thickening or lump, don't feel stupid about going to the Doctor to make sure about it. A common reaction - "oh it's probably nothing - I would look silly if I went to see about it." Let me ask you this - would you rather look silly, or look dead?

If you are interested by the statistics in the Western World vs. the Eastern way of living - join the Inner Circle and find out more.

Waist Measurement

Measuring your BMI is a good indicator of how fat, healthy or supreme you are.
Another good one is the simple old tape measure around the waist. If your waist measurement is over 85cm you have an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and various cancers.