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The thousands of women I have interviewed across the globe tell me that food to them represents not just food. No there are lots of other reasons we eat - comfort, frustration, boredom, stress, loneliness, anger, depression, reward, 'no body loves me', 'who cares anyway?'

And for some reason the food we eat and the drinks we drink in response to the above don't seem to be the healthy types. Women also tell me that eating patterns require time to change - I tend to agree, but 91 days is all it takes.

I recommend joining the Inner Circle with a friend, it helps to keep the motivation moving to have someone you can talk with. When you join the Inner Circle you'll also find a support system in there to help you through.

The switch in your brain will go 'ON' - but the biggest challenge is to keep it turned ON - there are so many faulty connections in the game of life which tend to interfere.

Here are a few snippets to start your brain wheels turning:

1. Every few kilos or pounds of fat adds kilometers / miles of blood vessels to your system of internal pipes = more resistance, higher blood pressure, less nutrients to the tissues = tired, lack of energy.
2. Do you want to reduce your risk of breast and bowel cancer up to 80%? Then eat small amounts of 15 different plant foods each day.
3. Take out the H.I. lens whenever you are about to prepare or eat food. The H.I. lens is looking at food to determine how much Human Interference there has been. Ask yourself the question - what have humans done to this food since it was natural? Or in fact was it ever natural?
4. Eat the whole donut or just taking a bite of the donut costs the same amount of money but the results are somewhat different.
5. Your three main coronary arteries - that supply your heart with blood and life are a fifth the width of your little finger! Visualise the sludge building up there as you swallow the gunk food day after day - more BASIC, less BONUS.

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