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Our human machines have approximately 600 muscles and 180 joints and as time marches on we generally make little use of them. What happens to a piece of machinery when we don't use it for long periods of time? Fairly basic stuff - that's right it ceases to function properly. It rusts, it breaks-down.

Does activity means joining a gym, train for an hour and pushing ourselves to the limit? No pain no gain, absolutely no! What I am asking you to do is MOVE and MOVE regularly.

To begin, I would recommend that you print out the 238 awake half hour schedule and allocate a tiny 1% of the coming week for you to move.

There are 168 hours in every week. 1% of 168 = 1.68 hours = 100 minutes.

So get out there and start off in the first two weeks WALKING for a minimum of 100 minutes a week - that's only 4 of those 238 awake half hours!!

Pop the schedule in your diary. Put it on your fridge. Plaster it to your steering wheel - do you really need to drive somewhere when you could walk it in 5 to 10 minutes? How good is this? Some folk who have adopted the Great Australian Diet activity program have lost and kept off over 15 kilograms just by walking.

There's just no excuse. If you absolutely, definitely cannot walk then swim or cycle - combine this with Sue's B.A.T exercises and you will be on your way.

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