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Mid 40's and a disaster waiting to happen at 144kg

Inspired by the 'Fat Club' on TV with Rex Hunt, Mark had an attitude shift and made some changes to his lifestyle.

One year later, following the GAD & some basic activity he lost 57kg.

Mark is now 87kg and fit!

When his daughter hugs him, her hands can now meet.

"Once you get your brain in gear, it's not that hard. It really isn't."



Peter was 17 years of age and weighed in at 125kgs.
He was teased at school for being the “fat kid”.

One year later, following Dr John’s Program, some basic activity and developing some ‘won’t power’ he lost 40kgs.
He can now run to the end of the basketball without getting puffed and “everything in my body just works better."
“Dr John told me that it’s a decision. You commit yourself to move your body and make better food choices.”