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Can't sleep?

Next time you can’t get to sleep, count backwards from 300 by 7’s ! Wow ! So, that’s 293, then 286, then 279, then keep going. If you ever get down to number 6, you will be asleep ! It works ! Dr John.

Think About It

If you can't put aside a little time now or some reaction and exercise, make sure you put aside a lot of time later for illness.

Life Balance

What is life balance anyway?

Simple answer - balancing your work commitments, your family, your personal responsibilities.

Simple answer but not so simple to actually achieve. Family First? Well definitely not last. And don't forget that family is more than just the children, spouse or partner, parents and grandparents are all part of the clan. A two or three day break, two or three times a year with your spouse or partner is most important. Guard your family time carefully. Children grow up so quickly, so don't be left wondering 'where did it all go?' There will come a time when you have the time but they are too busy.


  • Learn to plan
  • Prioritise and involve family
  • Every now and then, involve your family in things you may not think are interesting to them. Maybe the kids could tag along at times to see what Mum and Dad are doing in the outside world.

The Pressure Cooker

Inside the pressure cooker of life A for achievement, A for Type A behaviour. Outside is B Type behaviour - it's the other side of you. Or maybe it's the other side of you that doesn't exist right now?There are two release valves on the pressure cooker of life. One is a physical release valve and the other is a psychological release valve. Use them - Often. In the fridge

There must be in three things in the fridge at all times:

  1. A plate of cut up fruits (try to get as many different types as you can).
  2. A large bowl of minestrone soup
  3. A jug of low fat Smoothie

Good Yolk

Instead of a yes no answer on eggs - what about the softly, softly approach.

Don't eat the whole yolk - I recommend have 1/4 of the yolk and giving the other 3/4 to your dog - so they have the heart attack. Egg white is a fabulous protein, so consume all the white stuff and a 1/4 of the yolk. The yolk does contain some nice goodies such as Omega-3 fats and B group vitamins, but we should limit the intake because of its cholesterol content.

Under the Covers

The inability to have an erection or keep it long enough to complete a sexual event is a real worry. So much so that if it happens to you, even though it is quite common, it plays on your mind and may affect your performance next time. While you may think this 'erectile dysfunction' is the end of the world - it isn't!

If you are looking for causes, then number one on the list would be performance anxiety followed with a close second of being tired and generally run down and then other conditions and aliments can come into play including blood vessel constriction or narrowing associated with smoking and the use of medications - especially sedatives and antidepressants. Diabetes, hormone imbalances, stress and relationship problems are all in the mix as well.

What to do?

  • Relax
  • Give it a break for a while
  • Talk with your partner
  • Talk with your doctor

Ten Years Younger

Eating proper foods, learning techniques for coping and exercising can decrease your Computer Age. Some women on our program have become ten years younger - that's 10YY. Starting out on our 30 day plan will help to wind the clock back. But here are some other things to keep in mind.

1. Do you know that inflammatory foods such as refined, processed and yes, you guessed it high H.I foods can cause spikes in your blood sugar and insulin levels, which can damage the skin - causing more wrinkles and less elastic skin?

2. Did you know that the women of Okinawa have beautiful skin into old age? Interesting-why? Because they are eating a largely anti-inflammatory and high anti-oxidant eating.

The anti-inflammatory / high anti-oxidant super foods:

  • Lean protein, like fish, shellfish and tofu
  • Anti-oxidant rich fruits and vegetables such as blueberries, cranberries and the latest from South America - goji berries.
  • Essential Fatty Acids (Omega 3s and 6s) found in cold water fish like wild Alaskan salmon, nuts, seeds, and flax
  • Anti-oxidant rich beverages such as green tea