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Your Health - Men's Health - Prostate or Prostrate

Every male (and every female partner) needs to read this.

We all know (don't we) that Bowel Cancer is numerically the No. 1 Cancer in western populations, Lung Cancer is the biggest cancer killer. Breast Cancer is the commonest women's cancer and Prostate Cancer is quickly climbing the charts, especially in middle aged males.

First problem is, most people can't pronounce it - they call it Prostrate. Prostrate means lying flat on your back. It's Prostate.

Second problem is, men don't like having check-ups. They just don't. Women are used to having check ups. Men only have a check up if one of their mates drops dead or if their women partners or friends push them into going along.

Third problem is, if you have a check up and there is a problem, what do you do about it? It's not all black and white.

As males age, there can be a different approach. If you happen to come by prostate cancer when you're 80 years of age, the cancer is very slow growing and is probably not going to be the end of you.

If you're 47 or 53 it's a different story.

The disease is far more aggressive and some serious decisions need to be made.

Next month, I will discuss the various tests and treatment options available at the present time.