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A lot of Men and Women suffer from extraordinary amounts of stress due to their workloads and family lives. The pressure can be too much for some and can lead to health and mental illness. Dr John Tickell will help you find ways to manage this stress better.
Please listen to me - you are not ‘under stress.’  There is no stress out there to be ‘under.’ Stress is inside you.
That’s pressure on the outside and stress is on the inside.
When a pressure is applied to the human body, the resultant stress response can be positive or negative or even neutral - your choice.
It all starts with attitude.
Your outlook on life, the way you react to different situations and the way you relate to people you love, like and don’t particularly care for.
You have a choice as to whether you react positively or negatively to all the pressures in your life.
There is a third choice. No reaction at all-just walk away.
Don’t let anybody tell you that all stress is bad because it isn’t.
Negative Stress - Is the result of pressure you can’t cope with and this leads to overload, exhaustion and burn out.
Positive Stress - Happens when you are feeling well, coping well and surrounding yourself with motivating thoughts and positive people.

Relaxation List
Make a note of the relaxation tips on this list and try to acheive as many as you can each day!
         •        Go to one of these destinations - a mountain, forest, beach, stream or pool - sit there, walk there or lie there
         •        Watch a sunset
         •        Go to a movie
         •        Have coffee with a friend
         •        Sit in the sunshine
         •        Lie in the sunshine
         •        Sip a glass of really good wine
         •        Read a book
         •        Swim in the ocean
         •        Go to an old folks home and have a chat
Successful people have positive stress responses - not negative ones. There was a reason Jack Nicklaus won all those Majors, the same as Tiger Woods is doing right now. They love and this leads to positive stress responses and you can learn this too!