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Why does 10yy work ???

  • Because it is Real Life
  • Because it is Simple
  • Because it is Not Boring
  • Because you are Not Hungry
  • Because it is Natural
  • Because it is Family

" For the same cost as a medium latte PER MONTH, you can change your life for the better"  

 - and get your value back IMMEDIATELY with your free book and free seminar invitation !

Do you want to:

  • Look Better and younger ?
  • Feel Better and younger ?
  • Sleep Better ?
  • Love Better ?

You will have a day by day plan for Activity ( simple Activities - NOT crazy exercise routines ).

Australia's #1 personal trainer, Sue, is your motivator, just the same as she helps so many people in the USA with Dr John - Sue has 5 children, 8 grandchildren, looks after grateful, slimmer, women who look younger and have more energy and Zip in their life, yummy mummies, CEOs, movie stars.

There is day by day plan for you to eat really good food ( this is NOT a diet - diets have a 95% failure rate - fact ).

You are NEVER hungry because of Dr John's Fail Safe Snacks.

There are recipes for your energy life, Simple Smoothie, practical ideas for your FP100 and the amazing Medical Breakthrough that leads to the successful "Switch On and Hold" approach which ensures long term age and weight reduction.

The Coping strategies are laid out day by day for you so that life becomes more enjoyable - the easy to do "Relaxation List" is a must have and must do as part of your 10yy plan.

A C E    -   Activity,  Coping,  Eating
- a younger, better looking YOU

Our Today show host, Karl, easily achieved his ambition of 10 cm off his waist and 10 kg less fat from his body in only 58 days.  Joanne won The Great Weight Debate and has kept her slimmer, younger body for 7 years !  ( not just 7 weeks )  - 10yy can change your life !  

Kate was told she would never fall pregnant  ( diagnosis - polycystic ovarian disease ) - she did Dr John's 10yy plan with her husband - and now Kate and Sean have two beautiful children !

Look Better, Younger  -  Feel Better, Younger !

5 years younger ?

10 years younger ?

Welcome !

          - here comes your FREE book and your FREE seminar invitation.

Good health,  Good life !


Dr John Tickell


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