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     R G I s   
A monthly dose of Health and Wellness, for you, your Business, your Organisation.  
Ten (10) Professional  R G I s  every month, to keep you on track for Health and Longevity -

                     -  by taking  LIFE  back to Basics 
Good personal insight and inspiration from Dr John, OH&S requirements, companies love these ideas,  and some reminders to put some "F" back in your  L I F E -   fibre, fruit and veg, fun, Family, and some Friendships along the way - and a little Fitness as well.  

It's about the Simple Basics of living a Real Life  -

                           "Can't do without it really"     -     sums it up,   ok ?

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   would you like,   and would you like your people
                 to   -    cope better ?
                           -    feel better ?
                              -   have more energy ?
                                  -   be a bit slimmer ?

    "  Making  Australia  Healthy ,    Again "

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Dr John Tickell

Best Practice is as much about Practice as it is about Best.  

Drawing on his Medical experience and 35 years of extensive international research, Dr John devised a powerful formula of Activity, Coping and Eating skills, based on the patterns of the longest living, healthiest people on Earth. 

Dr John Tickell is an internationally renowned speaker -  who presents to numerous Industry Associations, Corporations, Professional groups and Charities in Australia, and abroad, in the USA, Europe, Asia and The Middle East. 
He is known for involving audiences and discussing, not only how to maintain or regain your health, but how to get that winning edge needed for persons and organisations in business, to compete in the market place. 

Dr Tickell has worked with small Executive groups, CEO's, and large audiences of up to 30,000 people -
After a dynamic session or workshop with Dr John Tickell, you will walk away with a different, exciting, and challenging world view with a positive attitude shift. 

The Good Doctor has travelled and researched the long living, healthy habits of life in a total of over 100 Countries on our Planet, along with two of his M D children, in fields of health and medicine including prevention, disease management, survival, and non toxic longevity. 
He has become a prominent developer of International properties such as The Hyatt Regency Coolum Spa Resort, and The Heritage Golf and Country Club with the legendary Jack Nicklaus. 

As well, a father of five children, and married to his delightful partner Sue, a qualified specialist physical and life trainer, with ten grandchildren. 
The Doc, a former professional footballer with The Hawthorn Hawks, has had a  #1 Top 40 Hit Record, and has survived Malignant Brain Cancer for 8 years. 

Rated a  "Top 10 Best Take Home Value"  Speaker in the World, by the prestigious worldwide  "Young Presidents Organisation",  Dr John has changed thousands of lives for the better -




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