Tuesday, March 18, 2014


For our 10yy Members, the first of our Free Seminars and Discussion Evenings is happening on Tuesday 15 April in East Melbourne - details of this and the RSVP will be with you next week.
“Getting The Best out of Life”


We will also be sending you some good news from three of our many successful 10yy ers who have made great changes to their lives.

As well, there is the launch of the newest “Salts of The Earth” - information below
- on Saturday 29 March, in Albert Park, Melbourne.

We trust that you have been able to pop in a few “One Percenters” along the way ?

- have you climbed some stairs today ?
- have you said “thank you” to someone today ?

- have you had the chance to hug someone you love over the weekend ?

You may wish to read about a natural therapy of note -


Interesting !

Along with out two Medical Doctor children, we have visited in total, over 100 Countries on the planet, studying the habits of the longest living, healthiest people on earth.
Medical science has made great advances in the last century and a half, and I am also very aware of beneficial complementary therapies I have taken the time to discover - those that have a basis in scientific fact and which I can recommend, safe in the knowledge that patients are receiving relief from their symptoms.

Salt Therapy is one of those which has a long history dating back to old European days, and which I have researched thoroughly.
The treatment is not a cure, but it has provided relief for many, many adults and children from their symptoms relating to asthma, bronchitis, hay fever, emphysema, and other respiratory diseases, importantly with no side effects !
Salt Therapy has also can have positive effects on skin problems - eczema and psoriasis.

We are offering you the opportunity to visit Salts of The Earth this month or next, on Saturday 29th March, between 10am and 3pm, or any day before then, or after then, and take a tour of the facilities, and consider a marvellous incentive to avail yourself of a relaxing therapy session for you and two friends. (On March 29, you will be able to meet our good friend, Luke Hodge! )

Be good and be healthy !

Dr John Tickell

ps - one of the positive things that enhances the lives of the longest living, healthiest people on earth is their attitude to Integrative Medicine, where the therapies of Eastern and Western Cultures come together and work beneficially with one another.


Please tell the SALTS reception people you would love the DRJOHN23 special -

“TWOBYFREE” - pay for just one treatment and get two more therapies free, for your friends !

SALTS OF THE EARTH - 89 Victoria St. Albert Park. 10am until 3pm. Saturday 29 March

Thank you,

Be good and be Healthy !

Dr John Tickell

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Will this year be a time of Success in our lives, or a year of Failure ?

- and how will we measure success ?

It would appear that in the Western World, success seems to be measured in many cases with numbers - how much, how many, how big is your house, your car, your bank balance ?

In the Eastern Cultures, success would appear to be more of a feeling of goodness, of health, of Family, of community, and doing good for other people - would you agree ? - the philosophers have noted this is so.
Having travelled to over 100 Countries on our planet, watching, talking and learning, these thoughts and attitudes would be a reasonable summary.

We read that “New Year Resolutions” have a huge failure rate - by now, more than 4 out of 5 of us will have done a Humpty Dumpty, and fallen off the wall !

The new ‘magic’ diets, the invented diets in the magazines and book stores, have a 95% failure rate ( fact ) - have they kept the weight off for 3 years? - and the crazy ‘reality’ exercise plans, which are really unreal, are generally unsustainable.

Successful people have a plan on paper, a structure, an appointment book, not on their smart phone (which scientists tell me can make you a bit dumber by the day) - and I am told that we were born with two ears and one mouth, and successful people use them in that proportion.
If you have an appointment with yourself, at 7.30am, to take a walk, and it is written on your paper planner, YOU DO IT.
That’s an appointment with a very important V I P in your life - YOU !

Next time, we’ll run through a few suggested MUSTS to have an H 2 year -
- “Health and Happiness”.

May we all have success in 2014 !


If you were an expensive car, you would come with a book - a service book.
Did you come with a service book ?


Be Good and be Healthy !

Dr John

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


“To all you fabulous 10yyers who have improved aspects of your life, and discovered that kilos have gone missing, reducing your risks of diabetes, cancer and heart attacks”.
“Thank you so much for the feedback” !

Greg approached me today and told me that the 10yy good news stories seem to be from women.

“Hey Doc, my wife can’t believe how much younger I am looking and is amazed at the things I am doing that I used to do !” – “And, our disabled son has started pedalling on a stationary bike – yay !”

Frank sent me an email and said that he had been told that he looks so much happier and full of energy now – what happened ? Frank also told me that his mother is thrilled that he has lost a lot of pounds and can fit into those old jeans again. Frank continued - “Dr John has given me the inspiration to look better, eat better and feel better !”


Because of the ability of the human mind to think ( too much ), life can be an emotional roller coaster.

That’s the challenge. In down times, we tend to give up too easily. We may plan to achieve certain things, but excuses get in the way. That’s why it’s so important to realise that it is perfectly normal to feel anxious and upset at times.
The ups and downs are part of the game of life.

The process of achievement is by no means a straight line. That’s why a support system is a necessary part of the journey for most of us.

Let’s look at the human brain - when the pressure is on and things aren’t working out as planned, we tend to “corridor think”.

The walls close in and we are lucky if we are using 15% of our brain power. But the solutions to our challenges are always outside the corridor.

When you are feeling low, the way to get back on track is to take your brain sideways.
It’s called lateral thinking - very difficult to do when your mood is not good.

You usually need help to think sideways - and there are three levels of help available

1. Self Help

2. Friends Help

3. Professional Help

So which one is best right now ?


Consider the following -


1. Self Help

Some people are fortunate because they know that when they get down, they can talk themselves out of it.

The best way to start this process is to move away from your stressful environment.
Escape from the pressure cooker and take a walk on a beach or a drive in the countryside. Maybe you get out of town for a couple of days.
Work out what is bothering you and come up with a plan to start stepping around the problem, the excuse, or over it.

2. Friends Help

Women are better than men at this one because males just don’t want to go there - it’s not really the done thing - she’ll be ok mate - it will work out !
You’re allowed to seek some advice from the people you can trust, because when you are not thinking straight, the solution can often come from discussions with a friend or two. And be careful of depending on some so-called expert or guru who has just discovered “the magic bullet” or “the answer to life”.

3. Professional Help

It’s there, it’s available, but perhaps you could consider no. 2 in the first instance ?

Hello guys, are you listening ??


My last day in New York, having been invited to consult with advisors working with a division of the US Government to reduce Children’s obesity and type 2 diabetes, has raised mixed emotions.

The frustration is obvious - the Government and the consumer groups have had LESS than zero influence promoting healthy living habits for children -

a). The USA now has the EQUAL fattest kids and adults on the planet - Mexico has joined them as the most overweight population in the world. (By the way, Australia is in the top 6 !), along with the worst complications from diabetes.

b). Dunkin Donuts have, last week, boasted that they now have 515 outlets in New York ( yes, that’s just in New York! ) opening up another 30 recently, to sell lots more fat and sugar to their large children (and their parents) and add another few billion dollars to the health care costs - sick care costs.

What is the Government doing ? Nothing.

And ‘convenience’ stores 7 / 11 continue flogging their BIG GULP drink - which is just 64 ounces ( - that’s 2 litres) of liquid sugar to their children in ONE drink.
Responsible ? - a Supreme Court Judge disallowed the State to ban the sale of these obesity bombs, the planned ban being fought by the soft drink companies.


Good luck for their Children, and best of luck to ours - we need it

Well done to YOU - 5 years younger ? - 10 years younger ?

Thank you,

Dr John and Sue