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The Immune System is a vital network of cells, tissues and organs that work together to protect our bodies -

Therapy for the The Immune System is now the NEW FOCUS for preventing and treating disease.


Immunotherapy (biological therapy) is a treatment that uses certain parts of a person's immune system to fight not only invading organisms such as viruses and bacteria, but can also boost the body's defences to fight cancer. It uses substances either made by the body or in a laboratory to enhance or restore immune system function. 


In recent times, The World Health Organisation (WHO) has determined that Australia is now - "Cancer Capital of the World" - more cancers per head of population than anywhere on earth! 

More Heart disease, more Diabetes and Dementia.


Something has gone wrong -

What are we doing to ourselves and our children?


- It's time to do FAW natural things for our life and our future

Food,      Air,       Water







Have you ever heard of S A D disorder ?

"Seasonal Affective Disorder"

It happens when the cold weather is around us in Winter, it gets dark earlier, the wind is cold, and we get down in the dumps too easily.
So then we eat more and drink more "mood enhancers" to cheer ourselves up (temporarily).

Well, SPRING is just around the corner, and we can now start to worry how our flabby arms will look in sleeveless dresses (women too) and whether to dust off the two piece or the one piece for the beach and pool.


The low stress fix is coming  -  "WAKE UP AUSTRALIA"  -  really soon, in Rocktober

There are choices out there with an overall 95% failure rate -
  - AND Wake Up Australia with the tempting.


The  "W"  Plan.      It works because the "W " Plan has 
  - The BEST Health Doctor in the World.
  - The BEST Role Model Personal Trainer in the World.
  - The BEST Diet in the World  - proven ( and stolen ! )
  - The BEST Stress Management Plan in the World

How do we get started ?

In my Medical career, I delivered hundreds of beautiful babies (the beginning of human life).

Most of these newborn babies are "Magnificent Machines".
Tonight, before you go to bed, take off all your clothes, stand in front of the mirror, and ask yourself   -   "Is this still the most Magnificent Machine on Earth" ? ?
  (if you're not too sure, get a second opinion)  !

 Join up with the "W" Club if you would like to -

 - Feel Better -
 - Look Better -
 - Sleep Better -
 - Love Better -

One out of four of these qualifies you to be an excited Member of  The "W" Club,  and have access to your Confidential "Dr John's "W" Rating".

- on the scale of -  0 (zero) to 100  -
    -  Where are you on the   -  Dr John's International "W" Rating Scale ? ?

 Are you down at 27 or low 30s, or even unhealthier that that ? -

  -  or are you up in the 80s or even in the low 90s ?        - Wow !    - Really, really WELL ?

In  ROCKTOBER, your Wellness Rating will definitely IMPROVE substantially, and if it does, you will helping your SOO Team. (State Of Origin Team)  WIN the prize -
 - and YOU could live Longer, and Happier, and Healthier -

If your "W" Rating does NOT improve, then there could be - a Money back guarantee, if you come on TV with me and argue successfully that you  DID DO THE  "W"plan ? ?
And -
 - and it had no positive effect !
If successful, you will be the first ever to request and receive the M B G.

You mentioned Money ? ?

Yes, once again, there are choices -
There is a "program" out there for $240 and another one for ONLY $147

Then there is Dr John and Sue's  "WAKE UP AUSTRALIA"   -  "W" Plan"    for  $3  A MONTH !
  - with Dr John's International "W" Rating   ( 0  to  100 ).    Where are you ? ? ?

Did you say  $3  A  MONTH ?        Yes -  and 30%  ( not 3%)  is going to

 The BIGGEST CANCER KILLER in Aussies under 40 is not leukaemia or lung cancer -

   -    it is now  BRAIN CANCER  !  !

  We are going to Carrie on the beanie bash and raise some desperately needed funds, as it appears that our Government has their research funds a bit skew whiff ? ?  -brain cancer, the biggest killer of our young people, doesn't really count ? ?



Are you YES, or NO


Slimmer,  Healthier,  Inspirational,  Trim,  Toned

AND YOU GET YOUR MONEY STRAIGHT BACK with a FREE book (L,S,V,F) - and FREE RGI's every 2 weeks    ( Really Good Ideas )    from Dr T. and Sue.
  It will cost you basically NOTHING -

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Spring on Summer


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Get your body back - guaranteed - $1 a day!

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C H A D -

I have just returned from the USA and was amazed at some "research" into the retirement village lifestyle, where the mature people who have RE TIRED are supposed to be living out their best years, getting healthy and relaxing well !
Below is a Breakfast Menu which greeted the residents at a local morning restaurant...
We trust they made it through the rest of their day!
By the way, the headline said C H A D -
-  that means Cancer, Heart Disease, Alzheimer's, and Diabetes.
If CHAD hasn't visited your home yet, it seems like CHAD would be definitely be here at 
          "The Retirement Village!"
Let's take a walk and think about it ?
BREAKING NEWS !    at - 
The biggest Retirement Village in the world - in Florida, USA

 "Classic Breakfast"  at the local Cafe

1.  Monte Christo

Ham and Cheddar Cheese layered in between our homemade French toast and sprinkled with powdered sugar.  
Home Fries extra - 99 cents.      
What?   Powdered Sugar?

Wow!  Morning heart attack on a plate!


 2.  The Bacon Belly Buster

 We start with four slices of crispy bacon, top that with 2 scrambled eggs and melt on 2 slices of yellow American cheese all on toasted brioche roll.    
Home Fries extra - 99 cents.

Another Wow !  -  2nd Heart Attack, maybe a stroke, plus optional belly busting Colon Cancer !

WHO IS KIDDING WHO? -   the same is happening here!

Good luck - you'll need it! 




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