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U.K. not O.K. on smokes  

13 Leaders at the U.K.'s Royal College of Medicine want a TOTAL BAN on smoking - everyone, everywhere - not just public places! 

The community and on-cost savings are huge - in lives (UK 120,000 deaths per year, AUS 20,000, USA up to half a million) and in dollars cost, in medical and associated plus loss of productive work, many billions of dollars per annum.

The Government naturally rips sales tax from selling these cancer causing and heart attack sticks, and could potentially lose the next election if they ban cigarettes completely. 

Bottom line is this - ?

Would you consider banning a drug which is our biggest health, life and death risk, kills millions, costs billions, rather than allowing very few people to enjoy themselves and threaten the lives of family and others close by?

I say, get them off the shelf!  



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